One city, countless experiences

Ancient history and modern entertainment are found in abundance in the Greek capital. Athens is an exquisite city full of surprises, most of them hidden around the corner during your walk through the picturesque alleys of Plaka and Monastiraki. Greek culture is everywhere and will excite your senses as long as you are ready to explore the city like an Athenian. Several different places for food, coffee or drink will reveal the original Greek way and will make you live an astonishing experience to remember for a long time.

Enjoy Greek cuisine

If there is one thing you will most certainly enjoy in Athens this is Greek cuisine. We will be happy to share with you tips about local restaurants and taverns according to your desires and give you some extra advice on which dishes you should definitely try. Dozens of unknown recipes made with fresh season materials of Greek nature will make you discover the gastronomic treasure of this country.

Walk through history

Athens is a city blessed with a rich history, revealed in every walk you take. Dionysiou Aeropagitou is the most beautiful pedestrian street under Acropolis hill which will make you feel like walking through an open museum. Let yourself wonder among Plaka’s sidewalks and live the excitement of archeological monuments which appear unexpectedly in front of you. There are countless sights and museums you can visit but above all, Athens is a destination you should discover in everyday life.

Dance like an Athenian

Dance is at the center of Greek culture as an expression of joy, sorrow and friendship. Therefore, your visit to Athens includes nights full of dance and singing that will bring you closer to the Athenian lifestyle. There are several places to choose for a nightlife experience and we will be happy to assist your selection. Besides, the center of the city with the numerous bars turns every night into an open place with people sitting outside and having a good time. You are welcome to join the Athenian way of entertainment!

All you need is all we can offer

P & T Athens Manor Suites and Apartments is ideally located at the center of the most lively part of the city and in a close distance from everything you should visit. History, food and entertainment are compiled to make your staying a true experience. We will be happy to show you around the local destinations away from the typical touristy places and make you feel the essence of the Athenian way of life.