We are here to make you feel at ease

In P & T Athens Manor Houses, Suites and Apartments you will experience the luxury of simplicity and ultimate relaxation. The impressive architecture of both neoclassical buildings, the functional design and a series of facilities create a feeling of contemporary indulgence. But what really guarantees an experience you will hold to remember, is our people who are always willing to help and cater all your needs in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The smile on their face is our finest asset.

Your day begins with Greek delicacies

Located in the Main Building, the breakfast room of P & T Athens Manor Houses welcomes you daily from 7:00 – 11:00am with a continental plus breakfast buffet which includes the most delicious traditional products of Greece. Enjoy local honey, traditional jams, pure yogurt, seasonal fruits from Greek nature and a wide selection of super-foods with health benefits to begin your day with. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly personnel will make you feel the very essence of Greek hospitality.

Professional meetings

The neoclassical design of the past meets new technologies in a fully equipped conference room which creates the perfect setup for all kind of business events. With a capacity of 40 guests it offers a functional and comfortable option that will add an essence of luxury at your meeting.

Workout in a building of 19th century

If exercise is part of your daily habits, you will enjoy the fitness room located in the main building, which offers a variety of equipment for your everyday workout. With high hygiene standards and with a great respect to the building’s architecture we provide you all the facilities that will make you feel pumped and fit during your stay.


At the present moment the Gym is under construction

We are proud to introduce you to Athens

Athens is the city of culture, the center of ancient history, the birth land of democracy. And there is definitely more to it. We would be more than happy to guide you to the most important sights and monuments through our sightseeing tours and suggest the best places for food and drink according to your style. Let us introduce you to Athens, the city of history and entertainment!